Vehicle Wraps

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

It is a design, or layout, provided by the customer or designed in house which is then printed on one of our 54″ wide format Roland eco-solvent inkjet printers using nothing but the best air release vinyl from an array of great manufacturers.

After the printing is done it rests for up to 24 hours to ensure the ink has properly set then we laminate the print using a UV coated laminate. This prevents the vehicle wrap from fading while in the sun all day improving is longevity.

After thoroughly cleaning the vehicle to assure proper adhesion the wrap is directly applied to the vehicle. Years ago this process was often mistaken as a custom paint job, and it still is even today.

  • Full Vehicle Wrap

    A Full Vehicle Wrap sometimes excludes the roof and hood due to lack of longevity, other times it’s required especially when changing the color of the vehicle to another color.

    Full Vehicle Wrap Diagram

  • Partial Vehicle Wrap

    A cheaper alternative to a full vehicle wrap is a partial vehicle wrap. It usually consists of, but not limited to, wrapping the sides and rear of a vehicle. Yet still draws attention of potential customers!

    Partial Vehicle Wrap Diagram

  • Spot Graphics

    Is a great way to showcase your company logo & services. They can be applied directly to the vehicle or on magnetic material making it easy for you to remove at the end of the day or on the weekend.

    Spot Vehicle Graphics

There’s a Frequently Asked Questions section down the page a little further.

What is a Color Change Vehicle Wrap?

An alternative to a printed vehicle wrap is utilizing a special type of vinyl that comes in a wide range of colors and designs, also on quality air release vinyl, with a protective laminate on top. These are typically used to change the color of a vehicle to another color while preserving and protecting the original paint job. While this process is cheaper than professional vehicle painting, especially if you’re looking for a matte finish, it does not reduce the value of your vehicle but does protect it!

Below you can see our shop truck which is a two tone color change wrap, originally a silver Dodge, now with “pearl” orange and white with a carbon fiber stripe.

Color Change Vehicle Wrap

Here are some Vehicle Wraps we’ve done over the years

Below these examples you’ll find a section for frequently asked questions along with answers to them. If they don’t help answer your questions, please contact us either by phone or our contact form, we’ll be more than happy to talk to you regarding vehicle wraps or any other sign work you may need. We’re here to help and enjoy what we do!

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Vehicle Wraps Frequently Asked Questions

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