• Couple of Cool Updates Coming this Afternoon

    Couple of Cool Updates Coming this Afternoon

    Stay tuned as we have a couple of updates posting this afternoon on two vehicle’s we worked on awhile back. Check them out and let us know what you think! Included a teaser pic for your enjoyment. What could it be?

  • Our Killer Shop Dog

    Killer Shop Dog

    Sometimes we have a four legged friend at the shop, the killer shop dog (a.k.a. Maria). Don’t worry though, her bark is worse than her bite! And she’s only bit three customers so far… this week… just kidding!

  • November 2016 Update

    November 2016 Update

    Until today, if you looked at our web site, you’d think we’ve not had any work since July 2015! That’s definitely not the case and we’ve got hundreds of pictures to share with you so please stay tuned for some updates.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas

    With that said, we still have a huge collection of work done from this year to post (including a few more from last year). So we’re going to have to work on getting a lot of that added to our site and social media sites but will limit the amount going to social so we don’t […]

  • Teaser Post of a Suzuki Hayabusa

    About Time for Some Web Site Updates

    Well, it’s been very busy here at Linson Signs and we’ve been slacking on web site updates… that ends this week! We’ll be posting some work we’ve done which hasn’t been posted on social media sites. Don’t worry though, we’ll not be flooding your Facebook account with a ton of updates. Just one or two […]

  • Weekly Update is Delayed Until Tomorrow

    Been looking for a good WordPress plugin to automatically post to the various social media websites we use but haven’t found any until now. At least I hope it works as good as it sounds, it’s called Social Networks Auto Poster by NextScripts. I have to create an API application with Facebook which, before it […]

  • Truck Lettering for MCS

    Weekly Update for 2014 Week 15

    Last weeks update includes vehicle lettering on a truck, van and trailer along with vehicle graphics of pinstriping and applied vinyl graphics.  

  • Carbon Fiber Hood Wrap

    Updates for 2014 Week 14

    Since we’re going to be doing daily updates (hopefully) thought we would refrain from posting to social media sites daily as well. Instead, we’ll put a blog/news post up with a recap of everything we added for the previous week and push that to the various social media sites. So the updates for last week […]

  • Fleet Vehicle Lettering for Cal Poly PD

    A Few Updates

    Well, we were trying to get some daily updates going but missed that by a few days. The above picture is one we posted a few days ago of some fleet vehicle lettering for Cal Poly Police. Today we just posted some new pictures of an assortment of building signs for Five Cities Fire Authority […]